RPi3 dual MC33926 driver, status light doesnt turn on

Just received motor driver and very excited. I have only few days before installation and need to fix it asap.
The problem I am facing right now is that the status light (blue led next to VIN) doesn’t turn on. It is connected to the power supply and raspberry pi is powered separately.
I did try to install library and run the code. The code runs, but nothing happens.
I tested all connections on the pins and it looks like it receives the power corectly. I am getting 25V on the VIN and GND pins and 5V, 3.3V on the RPi pins.
I am very much confused and need help.

Thank you. Darya

! IMG_20181103_184406|375x500

Hello, Darya.

After speaking with you over the phone, it sounds like things are now working - great! For anyone else interested, retouching the soldering joints and double-checking loose connections helped get the system up and running.