Roboclaw serial command help

I want to communicate with roboclaw 15A directly using serial commands specified in the manual. I don’t know exactly how to do since i am a newbie. I downloaded the pololu serial transmitter and tried to send with it. 2-6 byte commands are no issue but it doesn’t take the 7 byte commands with encoders. Then i tried to send the hex values one by one with single byte option but this time it returned nothing. Later on i want to implement it to a generic microcontroller so i should know how to send commands. Any suggestions please?


I am sorry you are having trouble sending commands to your RoboClaw. Can you try entering the 7-byte command as a 3-byte command and a 4-byte command in the Serial Transmitter Utility? The “append CRC7 byte” checkbox should be unchecked. If that doesn’t work, could you post a screenshot of the utility showing the command and the settings you used?


Ok i used another serial port app to send 7-byte command and it worked. It sends when i write all the values together. So it doesn’t work when i send the command byte by byte or another combination (3-4, 6-1…) in pololu serial transmitter. Why is it so?

I am glad you got it working with another serial transmitter program. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that the RoboClaw has some sort of serial timeout feature that prevents it from responding to serial commands unless they are all received at a fast rate. So, splitting up the commands and sending them separately is probably too slow to work with the RoboClaw.