RoboClaw position control with quadrature encoder

I want to use the roboclaw for postioning a motor with quadrature encoder.
In your overview I can see that it is possible to use a speed control with quadrature encoder and position control with analog encoder or potentiometers.

Did you test the roboclaw controller positioning control with quadrature encoders?
I have to know if this combination works faultless before I buy the controller.


The RoboClaw should be able to do position control with quadrature encoders; however, please note that Ion Motion Control (the manufacturer) recommends homing your motor on every power up when doing position control with quadrature encoders, since the readings are relative to the starting position. More information about this can be found in the “Position Calibration Procedure” heading in the “ENCODERS” section of the RoboClaw user manual, which is available on the “Resources” tab of the RoboClaw product page.


Hello Brandon,
thank you very much for your answer. So I think I will test this Controller in my new Project.
kind regards