RoboClaw 2x5Av4 Read Problem

I just received a RoboClaw 2x5A v4 from Pololu and every time I try to do a read, the STAT1 LED blinks very fast, I get no return value and the board hangs. I can send commands to move the motors with no problems. I have configured the board with a Baud Rate of 38400 and Mode 7 for Packet Serial. I have tried using the Pololu Serial terminal program and code that was written for my last RoboClaw and I get the same results – cannot do a read. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

I am sorry you are having problems with your RoboClaw. If your code worked for your last RoboClaw, and the Serial Transmitter Utility gives you the same results, it sounds like something might be wrong with your new RoboClaw. I recommend contacting the manufacturer, Ion Motion Control.