RoboClaw 2x5A (V5) with analog pots stops motors @ 0v in

Hi, I just put together a pan/tilt camera mount using the RoboClaw 2x5A. I used a Fergelli L12 actuator for tilt … iVcuvlViko with 5k pots.

I set the controller to mode 3, option 1. I used cat5 cable between the joystick and the RoboClaw (3ft), more cat5 out to the pan/tilt motors (maybe 6ft). I didn’t have a 7.5kohm resistor so I soldered in series 1/2watt 4.7k + 2.2k + 680ohm = 7.58k and figured that would work for bot x and y axis pots. I figured if anything, a little more resistance would mean I never exceed the 2v control signal.

It functions fine, I have nice smooth control. The problem is as the joystick is pushed all the way to the left (I think that’s approaching 0v but can’t remember exactly) all output stops and the RoboClaw has to be reset to resume operation. I can push the stick all the way right and it runs the motor full speed no problem. I think this happens for up/down axis as well… as in it will run full speed one direction, but as the other direction goes toward full speed it shuts down. When I had it on the bench I saw this and noticed the LEDs on the controller didn’t change, they showed the same behavior as before it stopped outputting.

Input power was from 3 giant batteries in parallel and right around 12.2vdc.

I didn’t have time to troubleshoot this in the field and test the actual input signal voltage going into the RoboClaw, current draw from motors, and total resistance from the pots. My biggest problem is I don’t have the system in front of me anymore, but hopefully it’s an easy diagnosis and solution. I’m hoping to get some ideas what to look for/what to try in case next time I’m in front of the system I’m also under the gun.

I was also never able to connect to the board over USB. I installed the driver and it gave me a COM port, but the software never seemed to act right, I’d hit connect, I’d get a prompt of what device to connect to, chose the matching COM port, nothing would happen and Connect button was still there to repeat as many times as I had patience for.


I am sorry you are having trouble with your RoboClaw. It sounds like you have multiple issues to figure out and limited availability or time to work with your board, so I think you should start by trying to get troubleshooting assistance directly from the manufacturer, Ion Motion Control. If you have trouble getting help from them, please let us know.


Hey Jon, thanks for the reply. I sent verbatim copy of this to their email support and awaiting response.