Reversibility of the DC motors + gearbox

Hello ! For a project as a student, I consider buying a DC motor from Pololu with a gearbox, I would like to have a torque over 70 ounce inch, but I would like to know if such motors with gearbox are reversible (I mean if one Can turn the motor shaft with the hand)?
Thanks for the answer


We have a variety of motors that can handle the torque you mentioned; in particular you might consider our 25D mm and 37D mm metal gearmotors. Please note that a general rule of thumb for brushed DC motors is to keep the operational load around 25% or less of the stall torque.

As for your question regarding the gearbox reversibility, it sounds like you are talking about backdriving the gearmotor. Our gearmotors are not designed for that, so we generally do not recommend backdriving them. Doing so could cause a lot of stress (and possibly damage) to the gears, especially for the higher gear ratios.


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