Reverse servo direction

I use the Maestro control center in combination with a Micro servo 9G. Trying to reverse the direction of the servo I switched the polarity of the motor inside the servo but that did not work.
Is there any way I can let the servo turn anti clockwise ?


Hello, Wendy.

Servos are designed to be fully controllable by the control signals; you should not need to open one up to change the wiring. There is a good chance opening it up to change the wiring might have broken something. Could you tell me more about the servo or provide a link to its product page? If you have another servo, could you try connecting it to the Maestro and moving the slide bar in the Maestro Control Center to both ends, like Emily does at this part in our Getting Started with the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller video?

- Grant

Thanks Grant for your answer.

I’m using this servo
I can control the servo with the Maestro software.

In my construction I have used 2 gears (no room for a third) with a certain ratio and by using 2 gears the servo now rotates anti clockwise. I would like to see him turn clockwise.

Does that mean you can use the Maestro Control Center to move the servo in both directions?

It is not clear from your description what your setup is. Could you post pictures or video of your setup that shows the problem?

- Grant