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Reverse rotation of a motor


Hi, I bought a driver pololu trex dmc, I would like to help me, I can not make the investment of rotation independent of each engine, I do not know how to calibrate it so that it turns in both directions. Thank



I saw that you also emailed us about the issue and it sounds like you are having issue with the calibration process. In the email, you only mention calibrating the extremes. You should make sure you are following all the steps in the calibration process in the user’s guide and that you are not skipping the step that learns the neutral positions. If you continue to have problems with the calibration process, can you post in detail what step you are having problems with?




I have problem in calibrating the neutral point, when I put the neutral point in an extreme analytical level (zero for example) the calibration goes well, but when I try to put the neutral point on an average analog level (500 for example on a scale of 0 to 1023) is not calibrated and the red led flashes.



It sounds like something is going wrong during the “learning neutral” step of the calibration. Make sure you are not moving the your inputs during this phase as that can cause an error. If that does not fix the issue, could you tell me more about your input? What are you using for an input and what voltage are you trying to set for neutral? A picture showing how you have it all connected would also be helpful.