Remapping Pins

I am currently wanting to remap the DualMC33926MotorShield. I am using another shield that uses pins 5,6,7. and 10. I am very new to Arduino and shields. I looked at the user guide and a forum but I am confused. i need guidance on how to do this the right way.


Remapping the pins requires cutting traces on the PCB and, since you are new to this sort of thing, I would recommend against permanently modifying your board. It seems like it might be better to remove the motor driver shield from the Arduino and make the connections manually using jumper wires.

If you remap the pins, the library we released for that motor driver shield will no longer work. You can find out more about a few different methods for controlling PWM pins (like the PWM inputs on the motor driver shield) in this PWM tutorial on the Arduino web site.