RC Relay Switch - works with Arduino/RPi PWM?

i have the RC-Switch (pololu.com/product/2804) and wonder whether i can run it with a PWM-Signal coming from an Arduino or a Raspberry PI instead of a RC-Receiver as well?
My tests did not work so far, the module does not seem to recognize the pulse in learning mode at all (keeps blinking in a constant frequency).
Thanks in advance,

Hello, Stephan.

Our RC switch with relay can be controlled by standard hobby RC signals. You should be able to use the Arduino Servo library to generate valid RC signals to control the relay. I am not aware of an easy way to generate servo signals with the rpi; however, it should be possible to generate them using one of the GPIO pins. The switch will accept RC signals with pulse rates of 10-333 Hz and pulse widths of 0.5–2.5 ms. You can read more about this in the “Functional Description” section of the RC switch user’s guide.

Alternatively, you might consider using our basic relay carrier module. The relay can be activated by driving the EN pin high with a signal voltage that exceeds approximately 2.5V, so you should be able to drive it directly with either the Arduino or Raspberry Pi without any additional components.

- Jeremy