Question about the Jrk 12v12

I am fairly new and only just now getting into robotics. I am however very familiar with rc components and brushed motors. I am looking to use the 12v12 along with a rc receiver to make a wiper motor act as a large servo. I need some help understanding a few things. first will the power supply on the motor side provide power to the board itself or will I need to supply that separately on the other side? can I just use a jumper to do that similar to how the micro usb controller can use a jumper over the VIN? also which pins do i need to connect my rc receiver to on the left? I’m thinking the TX RX and 5v but wanted to be sure. I think I have a good understanding of how it needs to be configured in the software to do what I want.


The power supplied to the large VIN and GND pins on the jrk 12v12 board is used to power the logic side of the controller as well, so you only need one power supply.

As far as connecting to your RC receiver, the RC signal should be connected to the RX pin of the jrk and the ground of the RC receiver should be connected to one of the GND pins on the jrk. If you are powering the receiver from the jrk, you can also connect the 5V(out) pin of the jrk to the receiver’s power rail. If you post a diagram or some pictures that show all of your connections, I would be glad to look it over for you.

Please note that you will also need to connect your wiper motor’s feedback signal to the FB pin on the jrk, along with GND and 5V. If you want to use the “Feedback disconnect” feature of the jrk (which can detect if the feedback is removed and stop the motor), you can use the AUX pin to supply the 5V for the feedback.