Question about stall torque for micro metal gearmotor


First time posting. I just had a question about stall torque.

With the 10:1 Micro metal gearmotor LP 6vdc [Item # 1099]

It is listed that the stall torque is 2 [or 0.0141 N.m].

Is that torque required to stall the motor, or motor + gearbox?

Thanks for your time


The stall torque listed on our product page is with the gearbox.


Max torque for 5:1 and 10:1 micro metal gearmotor are very far from reality.
They are not possible indeed.
For example a 5:1 HP motor is estimated a torque of 380g*cm but that means more than 5,8W @ half the max speed (meanwhile at different gear ratio it varies from 1.1W to 1.5W) with a power consumption of only 5W which is impossible.


Wow, you’re right, there is definitely a problem with our listed stall torques for the 5:1 and 10:1 gear ratios; thank you for bringing this to our attention! Unfortunately, we don’t have a good setup for making performance graphs for such low-torque motors, but approximating the stall torque as 1/3 and 1/6 of the 30:1 stall torque should be pretty close for 10:1 and 5:1, respectively. We’ll get the specs in the datasheet and on the product pages updated ASAP.


Take a try, the torque of a 10:1 HP should be not far from what you have tested for 30:1 LP.
It’s important for us to get reliable motor data, which makes the difference from buying unknown (and often with specifications much lower than those listed) Chinese alternative on ebay.
Bye, Andrea.

Hi, Andrea.

Thanks for the push. We just ran a few 10:1 HP units through our test setup, and the results are decent enough that we’re proceeding with making full performance graphs for all our 10:1 HP and HPCB versions. We’ll publish a revised datasheet when those are done. To share the preliminary results with you, the tests so far extrapolate to a stall torque of approximately 2.0 kg*mm for the 10:1 HP (we haven’t yet tried 10:1 HPCB).

- Ben

Great, I’m looking forward for those graph !
Please correct also in the spec sheet @
Bye, Andrea.

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We had to modify our testing procedure some to get good enough data at such low torques, so that slowed things down some, but I am happy to announce that we now have performance graphs for the three high-power 10:1 micro metal gearmotors (HP, HPCB 6V, and HPCB 12V). The product pages on the website have been updated with the new data, and revision 3.0 of the datasheet contains the new graphs.

- Ben