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Question about pin names between MP6500 stepper controllers and A4988 stepper controllers

On the MP6500, it looks like you need to put B1 and B2 on the same coil, and A1 and A2 on the other coil.

On the A4988, on the other hand, it pairs 2A and 2B for the first coil, and 1A and 1B on the other.

So on one of the controllers you have to match letters, and on the other you match numbers. That seems really confusing to me. I haven’t done anything with steppers before, so I assume there’s a good reason - is there an overarching convention for how these pins get named?


Sorry for the confusion. The pin naming on our carrier boards was chosen to resemble the driver IC’s pin naming. For example, the output pins for one coil are formatted in the MP6500 datasheet as AOUT1 and AOUT2, while the A4988 datasheet formats them as OUT1A and OUT1B. You can find those respective datasheets under the “Resources” tab of the MP6500 and A4988 carrier product pages.