Question about 36v4 Driver

Hello Pololu Team ,
based on the example codes that your team has shared on ( GitHub - pololu/high-power-stepper-driver-arduino: Arduino library for Pololu High-Power Stepper Motor Drivers )and the Parameter of your product, I have just chosen " 36v4 DRV8711 ( Pololu High-Power Stepper Motor Driver 36v4 ) to program my Stepper Motor with Arduino .
In the program on the example codes it was very clear how to change the direction of rotation of the motor.
for my program I would like to control my motor with 3 Methods :
2-CCW --------

void setDirection(bool dir)
  // The STEP pin must not change for at least 200 nanoseconds before and after
  // changing the DIR pin.
  digitalWrite(DirPin, dir);

3-Braking ??
and my question is how can I put my stepper Motor under braking, so that the shaft of the engine does not move anymore?

Thanks in advance**


For your stepper motor to hold its position, all you need to do is keep the stepper motor enabled (if it is not enabled already, you can use the enableDriver() function from our library), and not send any pulses to the step pin (i.e. keep it low).

By the way, for a stepper motor this action is usually referred to as “holding”; braking with regards to a stepper motor normally implies that you are using some other sort of mechanism like a disc brake to help increase your stepper motor’s holding torque. The 36v4 does not have any built-in support for activating those types of mechanisms.

- Patrick

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Thank you very much, it’s clear and well explained
Good work :mechanical_arm: