I have got a Qik that I like to connect to TTL serial. I know I can use the TX and RX ports of a microcontroller to connect it to the RX and TX of the Qik. But I like to connect it directly to a XBee chip that has TX and RX ports. The qik goes in error (Green out and red blinking) like serial is not OK. Is this because of it is not possible directly connected?



You should be able to connect the qik to any device that communicates with non-inverted TTL serial. The error you are describing means that the qik’s RX line is being held low. Are you sure you have it connected to the XBee correctly, and are you sure the XBee is using non-inverted TTL serial? Do you have a datasheet for your XBee module?

- Ben

Hi Ben,

Please take a look at this:

sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wire … Manual.pdf

I thought it should be possible. The problem is, I think, that I create a connection with the coordinator and not with the explorer that I connect to the Qik.


It looks like it should work, which makes me think you’re connecting something wrong. From the minute I spent looking at the datasheet, it seems like the XBee transmit line should be idle-high. You can measure it with a multimeter to see if this is really the case. If not, I think there’s a problem with the XBee (or you need to read the datasheet more carefully to understand why this is the case). If the XBee transmit line is idle high and you’re still getting the blinking red light on the Qik, please let me know.

Also, I don’t understand what this means:

- Ben

OK thanks!

Don’t mind :slight_smile: