Qik 2s9v1 channels in parallel

Hi, I am trying to find out whether it is possible to parallel the motor output channels on the Qik 2s9v1. I would like to use both output in parallel to drive an LED strip that pulls close to 2A at full power.
I read on here that one can parallel the baby-o motor channel in order to double the continuous current limit, and I believe both the baby-o and the 2s9v1 share the same motor drive chip.

If it can be done on the Qik 2s9v1, which inputs and outputs should be soldered together?




The channels of the TB6612FNG, the motor driver on the qik 2s9v1, can be used in parallel, but I do not recommend trying to parallel the motor outputs on the qik since it would be difficult to sync the inputs to the driver. You might consider using our TB6612FNG dual motor driver carrier. It is a breakout board of the motor driver used on the qik 2s9v1 and gives direct access to the motor driver pins allowing you to connect two inputs to the same signal (essentially eliminating the syncing issue). Alternatively, if you want to control your motor serially, you might consider one of our Simple Motor Controllers or the more powerful qik 2s12v10, where paralleling the channels would not be necessary.

- Grant

Thanks Grant.

I have 2 of those Qik controllers, so I’d rather put them to use. I think I’ll simply cut the SMD LED strip in segments that pull 1A or less, and use both channel separately essentially just paralleling the serial commands.

But just to know, if I was to parallel the 2s9v1 channels on the board, by connecting PWMA & PMWB, INA & INB, etc - would I have to cut the traces from the second channel to the controller?

As you have suggested, if you want to remap the connections on the board to parallel the channels, you would need to connect the inputs of the motor driver channels together (so each channel does the same thing). The motor driver would only need the inputs of one channel from the controller on the qik, and the connections for the other channel from the controller should be cut.

- Grant