Qik 2s12v10 Schematic

Anybody know where I can get the schematic for this Qik? I need to incorpate it into my school report. Im using Eagle CAD, and if I can save the time from having to create it would be a big help


We do not release the schematic for the Qik 2s12v10. You might be able to add the qik to your schematic as a block with inputs and outputs, like you would for a microcontroller.


That’s a shame. So I can’t even have the eagle libraries? Assuming it is done in eagle. Block diagrams are not really what I need, as my report needs to indicate electronic characteristics, basically an engineers schematic that shows how it is capable of handling my motor requirements.
e.g. capacitors, resistors, any necessary voltage regulators etc.

We do not use Eagle and do not have Eagle files for our boards.