Product selection


I’m interested in controlling a 20A continuous (~30-40A Peak) 12V DC Brush Motor in position mode. (i.e. a feedback pot on the motor allows a closed loop feedback system, sort of a large RC Servo, with PWM input)

The Jrk12v12 is functionally what I need, but doesn’t have the current ratings I need.

The RoboClaw 2x30A has the amps, but doesn’t appear to have the feedback mode that the Jrk does.

The TReX DMC01, when potentially used in single-motor mode looks like it may be okay, but again, doesn’t have the feedback option of the Jrk line.

The ST VNH2SP30 30A Motor Driver chip looks like the common bond between all the above products (except RoboClaw).

I’d rather not create my own PCB and controller from this (or any other) chip–I’d indeed like a plug and play solution.

Any advice on the proper selection/configuration or how to perhaps creatively combine the products needed for my application?



I suspect that the RoboClaw motor controllers support analog feedback for position control. However, we have not tried that feature. I recommend contacting the manufacturer, Orion Robotics, directly about it.

By the way, 20A sounds like a high continuous operating current for the current peaks you mentioned. We generally recommend running a brushed DC motor at about 10-30% of its stall current.


Thanks for the reply.

To be more specific, my motor is 20A continuous, but 133A stall. I will fuse it at 40A.

Therefore, the operating range will be around 20-30A. This is within the ~15% of motor stall current.

I’ve contacted Orion, and I’m making progress.

Thanks again!