Problems with RoboClaw and Encoders

I have a RoboClaw board 2 x 60 A but I can’t use with encoders to measure distance (I’m using with wheel chair’s motors). I’m using programs for ARDUINO and I can’t change the motor’s velocity too. I tried many attempts but seems to me that the RoboClaw don’t read the encoders.

Do you have some information ?

Thank you.


It is not clear from your statement whether you cannot control the speed of the motor at all, or if you are just having problem getting it to respond to the feedback. If you are having trouble controlling the speed, I recommend getting that working before trying to implement the encoders. If you are just having trouble getting the motor to respond to feedback, you should verify that the signal from the encoders is correct.

Also, if you are not already, I recommend that you use the Roboclaw Arduino library and examples by Orion Robotics. You can find them under the Resource tab on the RoboClaw product page.

For more help, you might want to try contacting the manufacturer of the RoboClaw, Orion Robotics, directly.

- Grant

Hi grant

I have a question for you.

I am using a Roboclaw 2x5A motor controller to control DC Geared motor. I wrote a simple program to run the motor. In that by using the command no:38 (setm1speedaccel) I gave accel value 100, speed 1000 qpps.
If I want to decrease the speed to 100qpps by using the command
the motor is accelerating from 0 speed to 100 qpps.

“Is there any way to reduce the speed of a motor from current speed instead of accelerating from 0?”


I do not know of command that allows you to decelerate the motor from a higher speed. You might try using the Drive M1 (command 6) to set the speed of M1 and have your program slowly decrement the speed you are setting it to. You might also try contacting the manufacturer, Orion Robotics, for additional advice.

- Jeremy

RoboClaw service is notoriously slow. I think it’s only like one guy and he seems to check the forums over there about only once a week or so. My experience is that you’re kind of on your own with the RoboClaw motor controllers.

I like my RoboClaw, but you definitely need to be up for figuring it out on your own, or have a lot of patience.


If getting a response on the Orion Robotics forum is too slow, you might try emailing them. If you still do not get a response from them, we might be able to help either directly with support or by facilitating contact with them.