Problems installing the DRV8825

Hello everybody,

I am Quintus and making a moving installation for a school project. For that i am using four different stepper motors. There is just one big problem. IT ISN’T WORKING.

i am using the DRV8825
a power source of 12V and 20A
the 42byghw811 stepper motor
and an Arduino Uno

i tried one driver and that one was working for a while until the driver crashed. Since that moment i can’t seem to get any power to the stepper with any other driver board. i know that i have to set up a limit on the DRV8825 with the pot-meter but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Does anyone know how i have to set up the driver with this specific stepper motor?


Hello, Quintus

I am sorry you are having a problem with your stepper motor driver. Can you tell me what you set your current limit to? According to the specifications you provided, your stepper motor is rated for 2.5A. If the current limit was not set properly it is possible that the driver is damaged. It is also possible that your bread board might be damaged (usually they are not rated for much current). Could you test the rows on the breadboard that the driver was in to make sure they still have continuity?