Problem with TB6612FNG (only one motor works)

hello, I have a confusing problem and I would know if it can be the driver.
I use 2 “TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier” to control 4 motors. It’s for a left and right side of a robot so I have two commands and I connect the inputs of each channel together on each driver (PWMA on PWMB, AIN1 on BIN1 and AIN2 on BIN2). one side is working perfectly but on the other I have only one motor working. I check the motor, I check the level on inputs and I check the connection that link the channels.
my only intuition is about the frequency of the PWM, which is 100 KHz.

If you don’t understand I can make a draw of my connections.

any ideas ??


According to the TB6612FNG’s datasheet, the maximum PWM frequency is 100 kHz, so your intuition might be correct, and lowering the frequency might help. If it does not, could you post pictures of your setup? What are you using to generate the signals you are sending to the motor driver?

- Jeremy

. This was my circuit for maze solving robot .and I used analog 1 to analog 5 for infrared sensor but still my motor are not rotating. Please help me .

Hello Lord Vader,

From the picture that you provided, the board looks like it is from SparkFun, so you might try contacting their customer support. If you are using our TB6612FNG carrier, could you post some pictures of your setup that show all your connections?