Problem with Orangutan-b 328 &ping sensor giving weak echo

With my Oscilloscope i measure the pulse of my ping sensor and it was 2.41mV(here is the pulse out) and -2.41mV <-here the echo

What is the Low voltage/pulse input limit on the Orangutan-B 328?
the ping sensor is hooked in pin IO_C3
Is there away to increase the voltages in the code?
It is not storing the pulse in ( LastHighPulseMicroseconds).
my arduino(mini and uno) gives me much higher pulses. I used this as my comparison for the baby orangutan-B 328.
I was thinking it was something to do with Baby Orangutan-B 328, instead of the code.

class Ping{
	long double inches,cm;

void PingPulseOut(unsigned char pin){
	*	OrangutanDigital::setOutput(pin,LOW);
	*		delayMicroseconds(2);//2microseconds
	*		OrangutanDigital::setOutput(pin,HIGH);
	*		delayMicroseconds(5);//5Microseconds 
	*		OrangutanDigital::setOutput(pin,LOW);
	*	    delay(100);//100ms
	this part works		
	unsigned char PingPulseIn1(unsigned char pin2){
			OrangutanPulseIn::start((unsigned char[]){pin2},1);
				#if pingMode2==1
		unsigned long LastHighPulseMicroseconds = //Here.

OrangutanPulseIn::toMicroseconds(OrangutanPulseIn::getLastHighPulse(0)); // !!!!
				#if PingMode1==1
				if(LastHighPulseMicroseconds > 10000){ // !!!!
				//unsigned long elapsed=-lastLowPulseMicroseconds+LastHighPulseMicroseconds;
				if (LastHighPulseMicroseconds>= 115) // !!!!
				 inches=LastHighPulseMicroseconds/(37.);//previous code
			return inches;
	      return 1;

thanks for you time.


Are you using an actual Parallax Ping))) sensor or some other sonar sensor? If the sensor is only outputting a few millivolts, then you are likely either not using it correctly, not measuring it correctly, or it is damaged. The guaranteed-high threshold for the Baby Orangutan digital inputs is 3 V. Can you explain your setup in detail and possibly include a picture? Also, can you simplify your program to the shortest thing that should work but doesn’t, and can you clean it up so that commented-out lines are removed and the remaining lines are properly indented? It is very difficult to read your code as you posted it.

- Ben

Hello, Ben
sorry for the delayed reply

thank you for answering.

Parallax Ultrasonic ping sensor

I put 1x (the oscilloscope set 1x probe) probe to Sig and ground to ground(- rail).

I would like to talk about my Baby orangutan B 328. I believe my problem lies with output of the device to trigger a good response out of the ping sensor. But instead the trigger pulse give me 5V. The end results is that i have an echo pulse of 1.81V , instead of the 3.3v or 5v.

Compared to my Arduino mini . Arduino gave me an output of 32v and the Arduino mini is power by usb port. when i connect it the Ultrasonic ping sensor i get a response out of the Arduino mini. the Echo pulse Vp is small then the trigger pulse. But it worked.

Layout bread board.txt (704 Bytes)

I almost convinced that i damaged the input, when i started to use it the very first time. When i accidentally hooked in power supply to ad6 ad7. this made the Microprocessor got hot and maybe ruined some transistor inside. (didn’t smoke)
should I buy a new Orangutan-B 328 because of this mistake?

Connecting power to the I/O lines on the Baby Orangutan can definitely break the microcontroller (it’s getting hot is also a bad sign). If you email us with your order information and refer to this thread, we might be able to get you a discount on a replacement.

- Ben

It’s fine. I that pololu won’t give a discount for a new baby Orangutan b 328 do to an accident. so I already order a new one.
I was wondering if I can solder pins to the board in a way that the white letters are facing up? the reason is to know actly what pin PC3…

thank you for your response Ben

If you solder the board in that orientation, the 6-pin programming header will not match the cable from your programmer, and I think it would be a pain for you to try to make a new cable that would work. We just added a printable pin assignment diagram that might make it easier for you to identify which pin is which: … B_pins.pdf

Maybe you can have a copy of that on your work bench or wall near your Baby Orangutan to use as a reference?

- Ben

I do understand why pololu put the pin layout on the bottom of the board. there no room for it on top.
Thanks for answering my question