Problem with Low Voltage Serial Motor Controller

Hi Guys!

I just bought the Low Voltage Serial Motor Controller and doing fine for a few days, but today I noticed something really strange:

Sometimes when I’m running the controller, the leds on it, go off and the motors (2 motor mode) are turning with full speed, sometimes one motor stops and the other is running with full speed.

When this happens, the controller ignores all serial data and the only way to stop it is to reset the controller.

If i let the motors run only with half speed, the controller needs more time to go crazy, but when running on full speed, it takes only a few seconds, and the lights go out.

Vmot: 6V
Vcc: 5V
Serial: 9600 Baud, shielded cable

There is also no voltage drop or anything else and the controller isn’t getting hot, not even warm, he is quite cool.

Thanks so far.


These kinds of intermittent problems are usually caused by noise, and they can be difficult to track down because they are not necessarily consistently reproducible. We have some tips for dealing with motor noise you could try, and you could put some capacitors on the Vcc line close to the motor controller. If none of that makes the problem go away, can you post a picture of your setup?

- Jan