Problem with ACS714

I have a sensor current ACS 714 - 30 + 30 Amp. I am connecting it as shown in the diagram engine feeds on the power supply of 120VAC 60 Hz, this engine requires a maximum of 10 Amp current and decreases to 4.9 Amp when the engine stalls. I want to detect when the motor becomes clogged use a sensor ACS 714 but although various 5 10 amp current. The sensor output does not vary from 2.5 Vcd. I am doing something wrong or something I’m missing, but I don’t know that it is. Could you help me?

Tanks for your help.


You seem to be measuring an AC current and expecting a DC voltage output from the sensor. Someone else on our forum had a similar question; you can find our response to it here.

- Zeeshan