Trouble in acs711 chip

I bought ACS711 current sensors I’m starting to test them.

When I apply current and turn on the sensor it gives me 2.5674 volts at the output. But if I increase the voltage, the current does not increase, or if I decrease it, it does not decrease.

note the volt is very small and i applied ampere up to 10 amp ac

plz tell me what i can do

plz reply for me


Could you tell me which ACS711 you purchased (i.e. -12.5A to +12.5A or -25A to +25A)? Also, could you post a diagram of how you have it connected? How are you measuring the sensor output voltage?

- Zeeshan

-12.5A to +12.5A

i make a current path from a tester which generate ampere

and io measure using multimeter and connect the power pins to an regulated adaptor

In your first post you mentioned that you were trying to measure an AC current. If that is the case, you should not expect to get a DC voltage output from the sensor. Instead, you should see the voltage vary sinusoidally along with the current. This is not something you will be able to see with a multimeter; you will have to use an oscilloscope or a properly programmed microcontroller (sampling at well over the AC frequency) to see it.

- Zeeshan

can i use the arduino to measure the voltage and how ?

what is the voltage value range which i can measure …can i use a bridge to convert to dc voltage

You can measure the voltage using an Arduino. You might want to look into using Arduino’s tutorial on reading analog voltage.

I am unsure by what you mean here. Could you be more specific?

I do not recommend using a bridge rectifier to convert the output voltage to a DC signal; it seems like it might be very complex.

- Zeeshan

will the voltage range from 2.5 vac to 5 vac or what i should extract from the measurment

The output voltage is directly a function of the instantaneous current passing through the sensor. The full explanation of the output and how to calculate it can be found on the product page.

- Jeremy

why using bridge is difficult i will only convert ac to dc to read it


Can you post a complete circuit diagram of your proposed solution?

- Ben

As it is mentioned in the datasheet of ACS711, Output voltage is proportional to AC or DC currents.
The sensor has an operating voltage of 3 – 5.5 VDC and an output sensitivity of 110 mVDC/A when Vcc is 3.3 V (or 167 mVDC/A when Vcc is 5 V).

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