Problem with A4988 stepper motor driver


I was adjusting the X motor with the screw of my 3d printer (mixg1) because there was a whistle and suddenly the motor stopped working, then i was unable to recognize the
arduino mega on my pc, i take off the stepper driver and the printer work again.

I live in Chile and there is no stock yet for new A4988s.

I think i damaged the motor driver, i do ?, can i do something to fix it ? or i have to purchase another one ?



Was this one of our motor drivers (there are many versions from other manufacturers out there)? Could you be a bit more specific about what you were doing when the driver stopped working? (Note: it is generally good practice to make sure you turn off power to everything before you adjust your system.)

If your motor driver was working before and suddenly stopped working, it is probably broken and would not be practical to repair. Unfortunately, you would probably need to get a new motor driver. If you want to purchase it directly from us, we might be able to offer you a discount on the replacement driver.