Problem using Micro Metal Gear Motor

Hey guys!
I have been building a Line Follower using a QTR-8RC sensor array, a Arduino Nano and two Micro Metal Geared Motors from Pololu (30:1 gear ratio).

The problem I’m having with these motors is, it looks like the gears take little to no effort to rotate. In practice, whenever the robot tries to take a sharper turn, (and one of the motors has 0 speed), as they are somewhat loose, it still rotates instead of stopping making it impossible to turn that easily and it ends getting off track.

I wanted to know if these motors are supposed to work like that, and if I can do anything to solve this problem.



30:1 is a fairly low gear ratio, so those motors do turn fairly easily when not driven, and that is normal. Making sharp turns at high speeds is a challenge. Something you could try is driving the outside motor backwards very briefly at the start of the turn. In general, I recommend starting by slowing down the robot until it can handle the turn and then trying small adjustments and increases in speed.

What driver are you using?