Problem using Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier


I am trying to drive the Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis (with Encoders) using your Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier.

The Motor Driver is attached to the Sparkfun IOIO.
My configuration is:

//Large connections in the front
VIN = 9v
GND = ground
M1OUT1 = motor1 connection1
M1OUT2 = motor1 connection2
M2OUT1 = motor2 connection1
M2OUT2 = motor2 connection2

//Small pins
EN = high (3v)
IN1 = high (3v)
IN2 = high (3v)
M1_D2 = pwm from IOIO
M2_D2 = pwm from IOIO
M1_D1 = ground
M2_D1 = ground

Nothing happens :frowning:
My IOIO correclty output PWM, I’ve checked attaching a servo and it works.

What I am missing???

Thank you


You might have other problems, but one thing I immediately notice is that you are not using the IN pins correctly. Please see the motor driver truth table on page 16 of the MC33926 datasheet. When the IN pins have the same value, the motor driver is braking (outputs shorted to GND or to VIN, depending on whether IN1 and IN2 are low or high) or coasting (outputs off), depending on the state of the disable/PWM pins.

What happens if you make IN1 high and IN2 low?

- Ben