Problem reading analog encoder with RoboClaw 2x30A


I have a motor with a built-in potentiometer for feedback. To drive these motors I bought the RoboClaw 2x30A. Since there is a PC in the background running which shall control several RoboClaws later I use the RoboClaw in USB mode.

At the moment one RoboClaw is connected via USB to a PC (Ubuntu 12.04, using Python to communicate to the motor driver). I have started with the Python example provided by OrionRobotics. Driving the motor works. Unfortunately, I was not able to read the position signal from the PC yet.

I tried to connect the potentiometer to the encoder pins using the plus and minus pin and either the enA or enB while setting the encoder mode to absolute and enabled RC/analog encoder. This didn’t work and I’m wondering if analog encoders are only supported when in analog mode?

How do I need to connect the potentiometer to the driver and which commands do I need to read the signal?

Kind regards


It is not entirely clear to me from reading the RoboClaw’s user’s guide, but I do not think it can read analog voltages in that way. We do not make the RoboClaw, so you might try contacting the manufacturer, Orion Robotics, to get a more definitive answer.

If someone else in the community knows any different, they are welcome to post.