Problem adjusting vRef

Hello, I have a polulu md20b stepper driver and I’m trying to adjust the vRef. I have connected the stepper driver as shown below in the pictures, but when I measure it as shown in this video:

the vRef is always equal to the input voltage. Can anyone please have a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong?,UDKdg8x#0,UDKdg8x#1


Hello, J91.

From your picture, it looks like you are not using a stepper motor driver carrier manufactured by us. We cannot offer technical support for a product that is not ours, since we do not know exactly how it is configured.

However, if your carrier is supposed to work similarly to our boards, you probably need to enable it by pulling SLEEP and RESET high.

- Grant

We stumbled across this article about other DRV8825 carriers on the RepRap site that seems like it might have information related to your issue.