Powering a dual mc33926 motor control

hi i bought a mc 33926 motor controller a few weeks ago and have a question about powering the motor controller and arduino from the same power source. I am powering the motor control with 20 volts with 2 lipo batterys( one 7.4 volt and one 11.1 volt) and need to know how to power the arduino off on the motor controller or the batterys safely. I know i could use the arduinos vin pin but the arduinos voltage regulator can only handle 20 volts so it is cutting it to close. Would it be possible to run a lead off of the 7 volt battery to the regular power input on the arduino. I am not sure if that is safe for the motor controller and the arduino. I would just add a extra battery pack for the arduino but i have a weight limit and am already cutting it close.

hope someone can help

Hello, Kyle.

Connecting those batteries together and tapping off of the intermediate voltage as you are considering is not good since the batteries would drain unevenly. You can use something like our A-Star 32U4 Prime SV, which can run directly off of 20V.

Alternatively, you can use a separate regulator like this to power your Arduino.



There is a feature in the board where you can power the Arduino board off the motor shield. Read the manual and look at page 11, all you have to do is trip a jumper and voila. Just make sure you heed the warnings and don’t attach power to the Arduino when its powered from the motor shield