Power up and control 2 gearmotors

Hello I just bought 2 gearmotors, 6V. Both of them are going to control two different funtions on the same device. What would you suggest to use to feed them and control them, I need one of them to stop at certain torque or current or any parameter that would indicate that it has reached to certain movement resistance force. Thank you in advance


We do not have any solutions for directly sensing torque, but some of our motor drivers can detect current, which might work in some systems to detect changes in loads or a stall condition. Can you tell us more about your general application and how you want to control the motor based on torque? Can you post a link to your motor’s datasheet or product page so we can look at what motor controllers or drivers might be appropriate? If you do not have access to a datasheet, can you tell us what the stall current of your motor is?


Hello Derrick,

First of all thanks for replying. All I need is to stop one of the motors I’m using on my design at a certain load. It doesn’t have to be controlled based on torque, it could be, like you suggested, any parameter that would indicate a specific load or stall condition, like current. So I would need a motor driver or a combo of driver and current sensor to stop the motor at certain load which I would need to adjust. I would also prefer to control both motors with one driver. I need to install a switch on my design that would stop the feed from the driver to the second motor to make it stop. The motor I bought from you is item # 1595. Please see attached image. Thank you so much for your help.

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I do not see any reason you should not be able to build a system to do what you want. For a system like you described, I suggest using a combination of a microcontroller (like an Arduino), a motor driver and a current sensor. You might also consider one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star Prime boards for the microcontroller.

You will need to write your own program for a system like that. If you get started and need some help, you can post what code you have here on our forum with a request for some guidance.