Power output of 12v12 on motor

I understand from the specs that the 12v12 can handle a continuous current of 12a and a max of 30a. However, is there a cap to how much wattage/voltage it will put out through the motor outputs available to the motor? Sorry for the unknowledgeable simplistic questions…I am in completely new territory with all this electronics modification I am getting involved in now…but loving it!!!

As stated on the Jrk 12v12 product page, the operating voltage range is 6-16 V. This means that the voltage you supply to VIN should not be higher than 16 V.

The voltage limit and the current limit are the most relevant numbers to keep in mind. But if you want to talk about power (wattage) limits, then you should just know the equation Power = Current * Voltage. So the maximum power the jrk can deliver to a motor would be MaxPower = MaxCurrent * MaxVoltage = (12 A)(16 V) = 192 W, but it can only deliver that much power if you have a 16 V power supply.


And I’m sure that is electronics 101. Embarrassingly I am green to this as stated in another post. In new territory Here. Thanks…that answers my question.