Possible to drive a 4 pin step motor with TB6612FNG?


I am writing from Turkey. I bought two TB6612FNG to control 4 pin stepper motors. Because of I was not sure I have asked to seller to confirm if I could drive 4 pin stepper motor before buying and they agreed .

TB6612FNG can drive 2x 2 pin motor as seen in datasheet.

My question is that; if I connect AO1 and AO2 to first coil and BO1 and BO2 to second coil, where should I connect BIN1-BIN2-AIN1-AIN2 on LPT port to turn stepper motor CW/CCW from LinuxCNC (I am asking where to connect X STEP and X DIRECTION outputs). I pulled STBY / PWMA / PWMB to logic high.

Attached you can find connection diagram that I tried to wire.

Thanks in advance.


All you need to control a stepper motor should be two H-bridges, so that TB6612FNG carrier can be used to control a stepper motor. However, you would not be able to directly give it step and direction inputs like our dedicated stepper motor drivers; you would have to use its specific control interface appropriately (i.e. sending signals to AIN1, AIN2, BIN1, and BIN2). To get an idea of how to do that, you can look at the stepper-motor1 example for our Orangutan robot controllers, which is included with the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library.

We also carry dedicated stepper motor drivers that use a much easier step and direction interface and have built-in current limiting and better microstepping features. I recommend using one of those stepper motor drivers over the TB6612FNG. However, I am not familiar with your LinuxCNC system, so I am not sure if our stepper motor drivers would work directly with it.


Thank you very much for your reply Jon.

My opinion to overcome this situation is that if I can build proper logic gate wiring I can use step and direction commands with TB6612. When finished I will share the result here.