Position control using JRK 21v3

Can i use JRK 21v3 to control a motor in position control with analog feedback without configurator or USB cable.
set point for position will be provided by a voltage source of 0-5VDC.
If yes then i need to know about the life of this board as i will run the motor continuously for life cycle testing in the same pattern of position control.

Hello, Anuj.

You will need to configure the jrk on a computer at least once using the Jrk Configuration Utility, primarily to change the input from its default setting of “Serial” to “Analog voltage”, to match the method of input you want to use. After that setting has been saved, you should not need to connect your jrk to your computer in order to control it.

As for your question about lifetime, electronics like these can last decades, so long as they are being used within their limits. If that is the case for your application, it is likely that your brushed DC motor will fail long before the motor controller does.