Position control of dc motor with encoder

Hello everyone

I am facing a huge problem here. Can anyone help me please. I have a dc motor with encoder product 1442 from Pololu and I am using Arduino Mega and SN754410 driver IC. My main aim is to position control of the motor. say for example I want to move the motor to certain distance like 10cm. How should I do that.
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The encoder signals fractions (1/64) of full rotations of the motor shaft.

[quote]say for example I want to move the motor to certain distance like 10cm[/quote]Is the motor shaft connected directly to a wheel that rolls on the ground?

Hello, Kunal.

As Jim mentioned, the voltage changes (ticks) in the encoder channels represent fractions of the motor shaft rotation. The output shaft on this motor is connected to the motor shaft through a gearbox, and we state that there are 1200 encoder ticks per output shaft revolution on the product page on our web site for that motor and gearbox. The โ€œUsing the Encoderโ€ section of the product page discusses the signaling method used by the encoders. Additionally, this Arduino page has a detailed explanation and some code on how to use encoders with Arduinos, which you might find helpful.


Okay thank you very much. I will get back if thereโ€™s any more questions.