Polulu for nema 23 on ramps 1.4 shield and arduino board

Hi everyone ,

I would like to know which polulu driver I should use for nema 23 stepper motor.
the polulu should be mounted on ramps 1.4 shield. and arduino mega board


NEMA 23 is a faceplate size designation and does not specify motor characteristics that are important to determining stepper motor driver compatibility. When selecting a stepper motor driver, you should make sure the driver is capable of delivering a continuous current per phase equal to or greater than the current rating of your stepper motor. There are other factors that will also affect your stepper motor driver selection such as the voltage of your power supply. If you tell me the current rating of your motor and the voltage of your power supply, I might be able to narrow down the choices.

- Grant

Hi Grant,
and thanks for the answer.

the power supply is 12volts 30A

the stepper motors are those

wich kind of polulu I need?

i have these drivers waa.ai/b8O
but i dont know if they enough

Unfortunately, we do not carry any stepper motor drivers capable of delivering the amount of current necessary for that motor. The most powerful stepper motor driver we currently carry is the DRV8825. It is capable of delivering 1.5A continuous current per phase without any additional cooling.

I am not familiar with the A4988 carrier that you have linked to, but our A4988 stepper motor driver carrier uses the same chip and can only handle 1A without additional cooling, so I doubt that those drivers would be able to handle those motors either.

- Grant