Polulu AltIMU 10 v4 calculation of velocity and position

I am use the inertial measuring module Polulu AltIMU 10 v4, and now I want to translate the values that the sensor generates in the G format in speed and offset (I understand that this is somewhat pointless) but first I would like at least something to get / I’m interested in the question of translating the values of G in m / s, and then it does not seem to be difficult to calculate the displacement, with and then it is not difficult to calculate the displacement.
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Sincerely, Stepan.

Hello, Stepan.

In general, you can get speed by integrating the acceleration you are measuring over the length of time of the measurement, and you can get displacement by integrating that velocity over the same length of time. However, like Jim already mentioned to you in this other thread, accelerometers like the one used on the AltIMU are not going to be very useful for measuring speed or displacement.


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Thanks for the clear answer, but to get the acceleration in m/s² i must to multiply the unit G by 9.8 m/s², so it turns out?
upd: sorry for my imperfective english, if this brings inconvenience.
Thanks, Stepan.


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Thank you very much for the information.