Pololu AltIMU 10 v4


I had a question about the work of Polulu AltIMU 10 v4. I do not know much about the sensors. The idea is that an accelerometer built into the module displays an acceleration, and I absolutely do not understand in which unit of measurement the data is output. And I would like to translate the acceleration into speed to calculate the displacement. Are there any instructions on this issue?

Thank you.


The data sheet for the IMU describes the output units for each sensor, which in turn depend on the sensitivity settings specified by you. For the LSM303D accelerometer, on the +/- 2g scale, the lowest bit in the output corresponds 0.061 millig. The output at 1g should thus be about 16384 along the relevant axis.

In general, consumer grade accelerometers cannot be used to measure speed or displacement. For an explanation, see http://www.chrobotics.com/library/accel-position-velocity


Can you explain to me how to implement this on AltIMU 10 v4 / I’m sorry that I wrote so late, only right now I took up this work / I studied that resource, but not everything is clear yet