Pololu's policy on alternate firmware

What is Pololu’s policy on publishing alternate, open-source firmware for your products? Specifically, for the Tic T500. (Aside from the obvious implication of voiding warranties, continued support, etc.)


That is not something that has come up much, so we do not have a policy.

We do not expect to have a problem directly with the publishing of alternate firmware. Of course, if you do the details of that in a bad way, e.g. by misrepresenting our endorsement of the project or by doing something dangerous, we would not like it.

We generally feel like you can do whatever you want with a product (not just ours) once you buy it, and that includes putting other firmware on it. Just don’t expect us to necessarily support it. And if you’re doing something cool, we probably would support it.

What else do you want to know?

- Jan

Thanks for the reply. That’s mostly what I was after - whether you generally encouraged or discouraged 3rd party firmware. Would you be amenable me posting information on this forum about firmware I’ve developed, or would would that be a distraction from your mission of supporting your own unaltered products? I’m happy to give Pololu a look at it first.

Please post it in the “Share your projects” section:


- Jan

Perfect. Thanks.