Pololu wheels won't spin straight

I bought these mounting hubs:


to mount these 2d motors:

to these 70mm wheels:

But it seems that I can’t get the hubs mounted on the motor shaft straight, so the wheel wobble. I’d very much prefer that my wheels turn without wobbling. Anyone have any thoughts?

seems like the mounting hubs might fix too loosely over the motor shaft so when you tighten the screw, it’s not straight.

If Pololu’s mounting hubs are (slightly) defective, then maybe they should make some wheels that just connect to the motor shafts?

Hello, gowgow.

I am sorry you are having trouble mounting your wheels on your motors. Could you clarify whether the wobbling you observe is from the motor shaft not being perpendicular to the wheel, or from the shaft being offset from the center of the wheel? Did you make sure to tighten the set screws in the hubs against the flat part of the motors’ D shafts?

I tested some hubs and motors from our stock, but I did not notice any significant wobbling. Could you try to take some pictures or a video to show us the problem you’re having?

- Kevin

It seems like the shaft isn’t perfectly perpendicular to the wheel. So when you look at the wheel from above, it wobbles from side to size. I’ve been able to correct the problem somewhat by loosening and re-tightening the mounting hub (yes, always against the flat side), but I should need to mess with it in order for the wheel to spin correctly. It should just work.

I do have a second set of mounting hubs. I’ll try these and see if its any different. Thanks