Pololu VNH5019 Motor Shield on Arduino Leonardo

I am working on a VNH5019 Motor shield on an Arduino Leonardo unit. Is it possible for me to add the following?

  1. Master on/off switch
  2. Speed pot for one motor
  3. and on/off switch for other motor?

I do not need to waste your time, but I do need help finding resources to add these features. I am confused because all the ports on the arduino are taken up by the motor shield. So I cannot directly interface these controllers with the arduino. Any help with resources related to my exploits would be greatly appreciated. I am having trouble finding support for stuff like this. I appreciate it.


You can use like this http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/AnalogReadSerial

You can store the value in a variable, and use it for the pwm signal (speed up/down the motor)
Do some research there is a ton on the internet :wink:

The shield does not take up all the inputs on the Arduino; any pins not labeled in the user’s guide as being used by the shield are available for your use.

Very general questions like this are not that useful since the answer is basically always “yes” with the caveat of “as long as you have sufficient time/money/expertise”. Do you have any specific questions about this?