Pololu USB AVR Programmer 2.1 wont connect to Win 10

I purchased a Pololu USB AVR Programmer 2.1several weeks ago and cannot get it to connect to my Win 10 laptop or my win 10 desktop.

I have spent several hours trying to get this to work.


I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your AVR programmer. Could you describe in more detail what you mean when you say you cannot get it to connect? For example, is it having problems connecting to your computer (i.e. not showing up in your Device Manager), connecting to the AVR Programmer v2 Configuration Utility, or connecting to your software/AVR during programming?


AVR Dude can’t find it nor can IDE.

I have had feedback from the Arduino forum that others have the same problem. It works with Linux but not Win 12. The message from AVR Dude is cannot connect. It seems the drivers are loaded but don’t work

I bought the newer Pololu version today but honestly I am not confidant .

Does the programmer show up in your Windows Device Manager when you plug it in? If so, could you post a screenshot of it that shows the entries that are showing up? Also, could you clarify which version of Windows you’re using?

If it isn’t showing up in Device Manager, I suspect that your USB cable is only intended for charging and doesn’t have the requires lines for data transmission (which is unfortunately fairly common). Do you have any other cables you can try or any other devices you can try it with that transfer data?

Also, could you clarify what you mean when you say that you “bought the newer Pololu version today”? In your title you mention that you’re using our USB AVR Programmer v2.1, which is already the newest version of our AVR programmer. Do you have a different version as well?


This is the one that I have now

When I plug it in I get the USB windows beep /and see nothing in device manager. The cable is a proven data cable.


Version of Windows is 10


The programmer now has a steady green light and flashing yellow light.Pat

AVR Dude does not seem to find it and IDE looks for it on a com port and does not find it

AVR Dude is no longer giving and error but is not reading or writing anything



This is the one that I have now



Sorry for the disjointed set of replies.

After working with the programmer I now get it showing up in device manager as shown above.

It will still not connect to AVR Dude or IDE or anything else but is is showing up in Device Manager.

IDE and AVR Dude ask for com ports and a programmer type. What do I put into it? Any ideas as gto what to do next?



The picture you posted shows that you are using the original version of the Pololu USB AVR Programmer (Pololu item #1300), not the newer v2 or v2.1 programmers. For the original AVR programmer with the green board, you should refer to this user’s guide:

For the v2 or v2.1 programmer with the blue board, you should refer to this user’s guide:

Please note that they also have separate drivers and software.

Could you post a screenshot of your “Ports (COM & LPT)” section in the Device Manager? That should show which ports are assigned to the AVR programmer. You should be using the port assigned to the “Pololu USB AVR Programmer Programming Port” entry.

For the programmer type, I recommend following the instructions in the “Programming AVRs using Atmel Studio” and “Programming AVRs Using AVRDUDE” sections of the AVR programmer user’s guide for each respective program.


Yes I understand that there are two separate programmers with separate drivers and manuals I have purchased the newer one and hope it will arrive this week . I have installed the proper driver for the programmer that I have.

The com and lot ports do not seemed to be assigned to any Pololu device. I will send a screen shot in a minute or so.

I understand that there are two programmers . I have ordered the latest one and hope to rec
eive it this week. I also understand that there are two sets of software and instructions. I have installed the proper drivers for the older programmer and here is a screen shot showing the COM and LPT assignments. There is nothing labeled at Pololu.


That can happen in Windows 10 and you connect the programmer before installing our drivers for it. The ports are still usable, but since it assigns generic names, it is hard to distinguish them from each other. Could you try the fix described at the bottom of the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section of the AVR programmer user’s guide?


Here are some screenshots that tell me I am getting closer. Still can’t get things to work. I load “Blink” into IDE, set the programmer to AtmelnSTK 500, se.t the port to Com 9 and command upload sketch to be uploaded via programmer - I get green lights flashhing but a programming error.


The forum is not allowing me to communicate, because I am a new user. I had to wait 2 hours to send the last data?

As the system is now - connected in IDE - but not working - thre green LED is on steady, The red LED is on solid and the yellow led is flashing

Could you post some pictures of your setup showing all of your connections? Also, after you try programming and get an error from the programmer (indicated by the red LED), could you take a screenshot of the Pololu USB AVR Programmer Configuration Utility? It should list which particular errors you’re getting under “Error From Last Programming”.

I’m not entirely sure which specific rule was keeping you from posting as a new user (there are a few possibilities), but it might have been that you’re only allowed to post 10 replies in your first day. So, if that’s the case you shouldn’t run into it again, but I recommend trying to keep your posts more condensed when possible. For example, if you have not received a reply yet, you can edit your last post to add more information to it instead of creating a new one.