Pololu TRex Motor LEDs not on


This is my first time dealing with hardware and i can’t seem to get the motor LEDs to turn on. I’m assuming that once the battery is connected that the Motor LEDs should be turned on as long as there’s a motor connected. Am i correct in this assumption? I also have some python code and I’m sending bytes to the motor controller and the green status LED turns on and off very quickly so I know I’m send information and the motor controller is receiving it. Do I need to send specific bytes to the motor controller to have the motor LEDs turn on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again I’m very new to hardware. I’m coming from the software side.

Thank you


The motor LEDs do not indicate when a motor is connected. The motor LEDs indicate the direction and intensity that the motors are being commanded to move. You can read more about it in the “LED Feedback” section of the TReX user’s guide, which can be found under the “Resource” tab on the TReX product page.

It also sounds like you might not be sure what bytes to send the TReX motor controller to control it. You can read more about controlling the TReX using the serial interface in the “The Serial Interface” section of the user’s guide.

- Grant