Pololu Trex Dual Motor Controller Dmc01

HI, who used this driver Pololu TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01 with STM32F4Discovery ?

hi, i can`t connect Dual Motor Controller Dmc01 with STM32F4Discovery through asynchronous serial (RS-232 or TTL) :frowning:


I merged your two forum posts since they were related.

I am not familiar with the STM32F4Discovery board, so I cannot verify that things are set up correctly on it. You can find information on communicating with the TReX dual motor controller via serial in the TReX user’s guide, and you can find a list of commands the TReX accepts in the TReX command documentation.

If you post pictures of your setup and a wiring diagram, I might be able to check whether you have the TReX set up correctly. You could also post the commands you are sending to the TReX and I can check them for anything that might cause problems.

- Grant