Pololu Tic RC Control


I’ve got a pololu tic hooked up with a hitec minima6t and hitec afhss rc controller. The controller is linked to the minima and I have a stepper at the other end which works correctly under usb control. My problem is that when trying to callibrate the rc controller in the pololu software via the wizard the rc input is reading as N/A and if I click next I get the message “sampling was aborted because the input was invalid. Please try again.” Am I missing something or is there another step that I need to take to set this up?


ok I seem to have got it working now after repairing a few times, not quite sure why it didn’t pick up initially. If I stay between the neutral and minimum or maximum positions I can see the motor dancing around a little is it possible to stop the motor dead at any position rather than just the minimum, maximum or neutral position? Thanks


It sounds like the “Input averaging” and “Input hysteresis” features of the Tic could help you . You can read more about the settings for those features in the “Analog/RC input handling” section of the Tic user’s guide.


Thanks Nathan,

Have got something from this now!