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Pololu RC Switch with Relay Issue

Hi I have a Pololu RC Switch with Relay on a channel in my 24V RC. Through the motor controller converts voltage to 5V to the receiver. I then made 2 rows of 6 LEDs (12 in total) all running in parallel with a resister to make each one 5V compatible. The LED circuit was tested on a 5V battery pack and works fine with all 12 LEDs coming on. How ever when I wire the receiver to the RC switch and then the LEDs, the LEDs do not come on. I have double checked the RC wiring connection via voltage meter and is ok. The negative is connected to the COM and positive to the NC on the switch. You can hear the RC switch trigger, and the flashing amber light on the switch goes from a slow flash to almost a constant amber flash. I tested the voltage from the receiver lead and then the external battery and both were showing 5V. I tested the same circuit on another spare RC Switch and again the switch triggered but the LEDs did not come on.

On a separate channel I am running an Adafruit soundboard with the RC Switch and it works fine with no issue.

I am new to this and any help as to why the LEDs are not coming on would be a great help.

Thanks Jade

Hello Jade.

Could you post a connection diagram that clarifies how the RC switch connects to your power supply and LEDs?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick

Here are the circuit diagrams of I have tried and their results.

Cheers Jade
0380_001.pdf (68.6 KB)

If you want to use your to switch power to your lights on and off then I suggest wiring it as shown in the figure bellow.

- Patrick