Pololu qik 2s12V10 Arduino Library Error


I am trying to install and use the library for the qik motor drivers, and have gone about installing it in the same fashion as I have dozens of other arduino libraries. For some reason my IDE will not recognize the library (include headers not orange in the sketch). I have searched the forums for the problem but not found any errors. I download the zip file and move it into my libraries folder, just as I have done for others. I noticed that the library is also still using the SoftwareSerial library, is there an updated version anywhere that uses the NewSoftSerial library?

I am using arduino 1.0.5 with a mega.

Thanks for any help.

A reinstall of the IDE solved the problem.


I am glad you figured out your problem. Thanks for letting us know what the issue was.

By the way, starting with Arduino 1.0 (December, 2011), NewSoftSerial has replaced the old SoftwareSerial library as the officially supported software serial library. So, if you have Arduino version 1.0 or higher, you do not need to try and update or replace the SoftwareSerial library.