Pololu Protocol Specification

Can someone point me to a complete specification of this? I’ve seen hints on QIK, GitHub and other things but nothing comprehensive.

Thank you


You can find a detailed description of the Pololu protocol, which is mainly used to send commands to individual boards when they are daisy-chained together without confusing the other devices in the chain, under the “Command Protocols” section in either of the qiks’ user’s guides. The qiks’ user’s guides are linked under the “Resources” tab on their product pages.

- Amanda

Thanks. And to be sure this protocol applies to the JRK 21V3 controller too?

Yes; the Pololu protocol is compatible with all of our serial servo and motor controllers. Just to make it clear, the qik and jrk (and any of our other Pololu motion control modules) support the Pololu protocol, but they have their own set of serial commands that are not interchangeable with each other, so sending jrk commands (even using the Pololu protocol) to the qik will not work and vice versa. You can find more details on how the protocol works on the jrk in the “Command Protocols” section and you can find its serial commands under the “Using the Serial interface” section of the Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller User’s Guide.

- Amanda