Pololu motor 12V power failure model: 99: 1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx69L mm HP 12V with 48 CPR Encoder

Hi Pololu,

In the last days I have been working with the motor described in the title, everything was working fine but I have started having problems with the motor.
The problem is that when I connect its power pins directly to 12V (red and black) the motor does not rotate continuously at 100 rpm as it should, its speed is not even half. When measuring with a multimeter the powered pins give me values ​​between 5.45 and 6.3 V which makes the motor turn intermittently.

It should be noted that I am feeding the motor with a source that exactly provides 11.97V and 500mA. Also, the motor was working fine since it could control its speed by pwm, suddenly the problem started. Did it break down?


That behavior makes it seem like your power supply is inadequate for powering the motor; can you post a datasheet for your power supply or a link to where you got it? If you can increase the current limit on your supply, or if you have another power supply available that can supply more current, could you test if that improves the motor’s performance?

Can you also post some pictures of your current test setup and tell us more about how you have been using your motor (e.g. how much load was on it, have you always used the same power supply with it, what were you using to control it with PWM, etc.)?

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick, I changed my DC power supply for other with more amperes (20A). Now the motor works well.

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